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I am a professor of international security at the

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.


27 July 2022

I am very happy that the Dutch Research Council (NWO) decided to fund my research project “Party-Political Contestation of the Liberal lnternational Order” for a period of four years. With a view to the war in Ukraine it seems more relevant than ever to understand the patterns and dynamic of party-political contestation and the changing foreign policy space in the global North. I am looking forward to recruit two PhDs and to continue collaboration with Michal Onderco, Brian Burgoon, Falk Ostermann, Julie Kaarbo, Tapio Raunio, Michal Smetana, Atsushi Tago, Joo Hee Kim, Cornelia Baciu, Stephanie Hoffmann, Magda Gora and others.

April 2022

The third, updated and extended version of the Parliamentary Deployment Votes Dataset with more than 1.000 votes in 21 countries over a periods of 30 years is now available here. For the team of contributors and further background see http://www.deploymentvotewatch.eu.

The Justification of War and International Order“, edited by Lothar Brock and Hendrik Simon has just come out with Oxford University Press. Anna Geis and I contributed the chapter “‘What We Are Fighting For’: Democracies’ Justifications of Using Armed Force since the End of the Cold War ”

4 March 2o21

On 7 April, 2021, Biejan Poor Toulabi will defend his dissertation  “THE MYTH OF THE POOR MAN’S ATOMIC BOMB AND THE POLITICS OF PROLIFERATION. Knowledge, Method, and Ideology in the Study of Chemical, Biological, and Nuclear Weapons”

12 February 2021

Michal Onderco and I took part in a large survey study where we questioned more than 6.000 Dutch citizens about their thoughts on covid 19, globalisation and international governance. We published the results in LSE’s European Politics and Policy blog. Our research was also covered in Trouw on 28 January 2021l

1 February 2021

Sanne Groothuis just published her first article from her PhD project on “The racialisation of religion in Western European counter-radicalisation policies” in “Critical Studies on Terrorism”, a leading journal in the field. Have a look here.

9 December 2020

Out now: My new book with Oxford UP

Contact: w.m.wagner@vu.nl